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Chiropractic Care 

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Those of you who are new to chiropractic care with us will begin your journey with an initial consultation.  This appointment is designed to allow us to understand you and explore your unique health history, and to define your needs. 


We will spend time seeking to understand your health as an individual,  and assess why and how you are functioning the way you are. This will be followed by a physical exam where we examine posture, and a spinal and nervous system assessment to specifically locate areas of dysfunction.  We will perform a number of functional tests (including orthopaedic, neurological and muscle testing) to determine a baseline of your system, which may be affecting you and your wellbeing.  If needed, we will order X-Rays or refer to another health care professional.  


From here we will set about about designing a care plan for your unique health goals and needs. This appointment also allows you to get to know how we work, to ask questions and alleviate concerns, as well absorb information about how our holistic approach to chiropractic care will help you in the coming weeks, months and years. 


We look forward to you and your loved ones experiencing the changes that chiropractic care has to offer you.  

Enhancing your spine and nervous system to function optimally by removing vertebral subluxations (interference to the nervous system) means that you may experience dramatic changes as your body begins to restore its power and natural healing ability. Advice on nutrition, sleep, mindfulness and exercise may be given and are also integral parts of this journey.


It is important to keep in mind that it has taken your body some time to arrive at its current state - your biography writes your biology - and it will take some time to unwind and rewire you back to being the best version of self.  However, this process is a journey, and we will notice different changes along the way.  


People may report sleeping better, increased energy, better digestion, decreased pain, increased strength and overall sense of wellbeing, even in their initial stages of care. 

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Living and being well, is one of life's greatest  joys. Wellness comes from the inside out and we love to help you to experience this new level of wellness with regular chiropractic care.


By allowing your spine and nervous system to functional optimally,  chiropractic care allows you to experience the best of your health and wellbeing, and to fully express the natural power of the body to care for itself with ease. 


You deserve to live life feeling empowered to operate at your absolute optimum potential.

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