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Health is a journey, not a destination

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Our Story

I have long followed the philosophy that we must walk our own talk, and believe that functional foods play an enormous role in the state of our health, as does exercise, fresh air, quality sleep, mindfulness practice and regular chiropractic care. This led me to taking time off from practice at the end of 2021 to complete studies in Advanced Integrative Functional Medicine (nutrition). I am now back practice, doing what I love most which is providing chiropractic care for the community.  

I have known Dr Erana Tupaea since we studied our chiropractic degrees together, and she has completed post-graduate training in sports chiropractic, Sacral-Occipital Technique, paediatrics and more since then.


Chiropractic care is integral to a fully functional and integrated spine and nervous system, and our practitioners are experts in analysing our patients for the nuances that present as roadblocks to great communication between our brains and our bodies.  Removing these areas of dysfunction allow us to fully express the true and complete vitality we were born with, and the overwhelming stressors of our everyday lives often hinder this. 

Know that you are in great hands when you step into our practice.  We are glad you chose us to be on your health journey with you.

Dr Cassandra Fairest


Meet our Chiropractors

Meet our Chiropractic Assistants 

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